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Cloud Sync

What is Cloud Sync?

By default all your entries is only stored on your device, that means if your device is lost or damaged, your entries are lost. With our Cloud Sync, all your entries are stored online, so you can access it from any of your devices.

LeapLife takes an unique approach by only storing data encrypted in the cloud, that means we can't read your entries, even if we wanted to. If even if we get hacked, your entries are always safe.

Why can't I see my old entries on my new device?

Once you've logged in LeapLife on a new device, be sure to access LeapLife once more on your old device, then come back to your new device. This should allow your new device to decrypt the entries.

If you don't have immediate access to your old device, no worries, you can always do it later and your data will synchronize once you're ready.

How does it work?

Warning: this explanation is very technical, and you don't need to understand it to use LeapLife.

  • Each device generates a device ID and public/private keypair
  • Each device generates a symmetric key, this key is used to encrypt your entries
  • Your public key gets uploaded to our server
  • When you add another device to your account, your old device will encrypt it's symmetric key with the public key of your new device
  • Once your new devices has the symmetric key, it can decrypt your data
  • Each device uploads encrypted data every time you use the app and other devices will download it once they're online.

This approach is very similar to how secure messaging apps like Signal work.

Can I delete my data?

Currently we don't provide an automated way for you to delete your data from our servers, but you can always reach out to us at support@leaplife.app and we'll delete your data as soon as we've processed your request.